Unfortunately not. As the Executive Search Firm for Africa, we only recruit professionals who are African citizens/hold African nationalities.

As an executive search firm that only works with top African professionals, we absolutely keep your details confidential at all times.

Please keep us informed of any particularly sensitive information that we should be aware of.

We work with many multinational companies across Sub-Saharan Africa, primarily FMCG, Retail, Fintech, Financial Services and Technology.

The first step is to submit your CV online. After doing this, we will review it to determine if it matches any positions currently open. If your CV matches any immediate vacancy, we will contact you as soon as possible, and move from there.

Please note:  We work on behalf of our clients.  We are unable to search for opportunities for every candidate that applies.

Given the constantly fluctuating immigration/nationality laws, we are not equipped to give you the necessary up-to-date information regarding visas.

No. Your work permit will be handled by the company that employs you.

No. We work with many senior Africans at home too. Our focus countries for employment are South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.  However we do many placements in other countries within Sub-Saharan Africa too.

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