May 25

South Africans still want to return despite COVID-19

Homecoming Revolution did an anecdotal survey of a pool of South Africans abroad who had expressed an interest in returning home at the beginning of this year.

We asked them if they felt differently now. Of our sample of approx 100 candidates, 90% of them still wanted to return home despite the pandemic.  10% were undecided.

Belinda M, in New Zealand, says  “I just want African Soil…. This pandemic doesn’t scare me, the ‘being stuck’ feeling does scare me.” 

Candice M, in the UK  says, “Our immigration flights….were cancelled. So heartbreaking. Now we’re living amongst boxes waiting to see what happens with the economy and if we will still have jobs to go to by the end of it. If not, we’ll be staying here. It’s tough living with a foot in each country.”

Sarah R, in the UK says,   “We had planned (to return home) for August, and were going end March for ‘holiday/organising’ trip. Neither is happening now, but I am desperate to go still.”

Valerie G,  in the UK says, “ I definitely want to go back – I would have been home already if it wasn’t for the virus as I was planning on leaving in May/June. Now I am stuck in the UK.” 


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